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Unit:187 (1996)Edit

Unit-187 - Unit-187
  1. F.O.A.D.
  2. Burn
  3. Waiting For Jesus
  4. Lardass
  5. Pointless
  6. Crackhead
  7. Shitlist
  8. Lifosuction
  9. Agnostic
  10. Debauch
  11. Crackhead (Tensor-Vision Remix)

Loaded (1997)Edit

Unit-187 - Loaded
  1. Loaded
  2. Dick
  3. Dead Dogs
  4. Nobody
  5. Traces
  6. Shape Shifter
  7. Rat Trap
  8. Planet Claire
  9. Stillborn
  10. Dead Dogs (Doggy Style Mix by Tensor)
  11. Loaded (Shockfuckee Mix by 16 Volt)
  12. Stillborn (Second Coming Mix by Rhys Fulber)

Dead Dog / Stillborn (1997)Edit

Unit-187 - Dead Dog
Dead Dog
  1. Stillborn (Radio Edit)
  2. Stillborn (Satoven Mix)
  3. Looking At The Love Load (I Need Nobody But Me)
  4. Loaded (Hate Dept. Mix)
  5. Dead Dog (Open Surgery Mix)
  6. Lardass (Remix Radio Edit)
  7. Dead Dog (Punter Mix)
  8. Planet Claire

Capital Punishment (2003)Edit

Unit-187 - Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment
  1. Capital Punishment (Anthony Valcic Mix)
  2. Lust Poison #9 (Decree's "Dry Heave" Mix)
  3. Anger Management (Machineries Of Heaven Mix)
  4. Angels
  5. Second Class Citizen
  6. Anger Management (Nightmare On Cordova St. Mix)
  7. Infested
  8. Euphoria
  9. Second Class Citizen (Decreemix)

Out For Blood (2010)Edit

Unit-187 - Out For Blood
Out For Blood
  1. Sick Obsession
  2. Rolling Vengeance
  3. Threatened
  4. Living To Die
  5. Guilty Pleasures
  6. DDD
  7. Lethal Injection
  8. Kurva
  9. The Wait
  10. Sofadermatosis

Compilation AppearancesEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Lust Poison

Additional information

Band members:
  • Tod Law
  • John Morgan
  • Chris Peterson
  • Ross Redhead
Former members:
  • Jed Simon
  • Byron Stroud
Related artists:
Record labels:

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