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This song is by Uranus and appears on the compilation album To This Bearer of Truth (2004) by Union of Uranus.

Discouraging sentiment, the assembly of
Your definition. Misconstrued obligations
Such willingness to satisfy. This clear picture
Distorts into another, the means of doing to
Pacify. To be distanced from has become so
Natural. To be distanced from, has become so
Natural. The right of exclusion; a means
To justify. Continue to crave their nothingness
With desire. This clear picture distorts
Into another, the means of doing to pacify
Stuck in cycle. Trapped in by choice. So
Hard to see the purpose anymore, misled to
Belief. Revolve in their cycle. Dissolve that
Inner voice. To become what you once
Hated. Defeated, by your own course of
Action, so mug, amongst this deception
This clear picture distorts into another
The means to justify. Now you are part of
Their cycle, you're content with their lies

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