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Inundation Of Elemental Indifference

This song is by Unfathomable Ruination and appears on the album Unfathomable Ruination (2010).

Devastation abound in a swarthing flourish of motion
Obscuring the horizon
Rapidly encircling and imprisoning that which peacefully rested
Calculating the severity of abrupt and indiscriminate annihilation
A grievous, genocidal, altogether heinous display of ferocity
In an act of utter disregard and ultimate indifference to humanity
A potent force of unfathomable ruination looms, uncompromising and unstoppable
A monumental suffocation of all life with thunderous impact, the overwhelming shroud of annihilation permeates all refuge
Tearing violently at the organs of sustainability,
Flooding the lungs of habitation in a furore of malignant ravage
Leaving behind a memory torn asunder, fragments of history scattered in cemeterial silence.

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