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Extinction Algorithm In Procession

This song is by Unfathomable Ruination and appears on the album Misshapen Congenital Entropy (2012).

A new arm of order to seek out and eradicate
The course of man's inhumanity to man
The procession of all instance to end the greed of carnage

The promiscuous fatality in end to what
An era of depravity and procession
Becomes fear

Forth that our nature
Could no longer be risked

Penetrate their minds

Forth that our nature
Could no longer be risked

Avoid the volatile ability that surrounds the disease of man
Intrinsic behavior encased in terror
Dehumanize this highest rank of cure once found

Abort the disease in the heart of species
As result of natural evolution of creeds
Flashes of transmigration towards ambiguation
Currently detected as available miss-deeds

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