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​Edges Of Disfigured Atrocity

This song is by Unfathomable Ruination and appears on the album Misshapen Congenital Entropy (2012).

Edges of reality in atrocity, harbored in cryogenic sulphur
Hardly fakes conglomerate suddenly
Chops on the chromosomes of all life

Here before me

Interact with a sprawling mentality, degree of infamy
A sequel that eclipses the previous mockery of symmetry
Acerb to all fatality, the slot of agony, roughness scorned in gorefied irony

Eedges of reality in atrocity, harbored in cryogenic sulphur

War-breed - warped and fed in more iniquity
Convalescence - an alternative originally advantaged
In quantities of organic shifts
Impulsive despondency returned for

Allowing preformed deeds of gore and scant
Apathy in continuity resuscitated morphology

Phenomenon of mercy, impact of hostile answers
Betray the fear and spasms, aim for butchery, visibly
Uncommon thoughts of acrid, un-fought true will for torture
Large groups of human species down to minus one in numbers cyclical

Answers of a true denial, acting under siege of barbary
All of them in mass defiance
None of them as bio-markers
None of them in crass misshaping

Augmented itself

Absorpted severe atrocity