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Echoes Of Universal Futility

This song is by Unfathomable Ruination and appears on the album Unfathomable Ruination (2010).

Far beyond the firmament lifeless clusters of matter gravitate the course of oblivion
Unconsciously awaiting the upset of equilibrium
Forces greater than this shelter, shape its very fate
A cyclical course proceeding through banality, providing the cause for cataclysmic certainty
Guided by laws indifferent to benevolence, imprisoned by that which summons our demise
Instants of past encounters left imprints of absolute devastation: vast voids, symbolic of the impulsive extinction of entire species
Moments of tumultuous ravage, the unmitigated abolition of being
Rendering Gaia disfigured and distorted, renewed through imperviousness in forceful extermination
Awaiting a new era of ill-fated progression, the echoes of universal futility.

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