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Consequential Failure

This song is by Unfathomable Ruination and appears on the album Misshapen Congenital Entropy (2012).

Abhorrent and horrific
Denied and pointing in self tormenting
The reason scoped in this abattoir
Conduct under system's levels drowned
One treason effect of the humble scattering
Should be realised that it all depends on
Memorandum of this title, actuator locking all of life

It was the purest fear disease
In corners of the sick
All through the vastness of the mass

All might concede that all resides in functions of the body
Favored framework by assuming that synthesis is denying
A biogenic fractal surface of corroded fragments
Fast compiling orders reaching wavelength of tumultuous matters

In this scenery of morbid spectrums don't allow the weakness
Wavelength range of energy and pre-biotic atmospheres
All that left in deviant deeds are larger on this fathomed scale
All solutions penetrated by the coupling theory

All drowned in consequential failure, perhaps evolved to none
That wins the first life we have found
Thus nobody figured it out

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