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The Scum Is in Orbit

This song is by Unearthly Trance and appears on the album Electrocution (2008).

Calculating for that rare moment
A trillion times over
Finding faults in the deadly definitions
Casual reduction in true deaths-head style
The scum is in orbit
A crooked face behind the vast sky
The pigs are watching
When all the Gods eyes are out of focus
Silently stare off into eternity
Bed of death calls for the genesis of plague
This ship is sinking into the expanding sea
What you thought was real is all over now
What you thought was steel is all molten now
Shall we dvvell as the invisible?
Because the minutes are dying like the lower class
Head to the wilderness or grow a spine real fast
It's the demise of the days on solid ground
Unplug from the illusion
An army is standing at your door
The threats of the television is being exposed


Music by:

Darren Verni / Ryan Lipynsky

Lyrics by:

Ryan Lipynsky

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