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The Dust Will Never Settle

This song is by Unearthly Trance and appears on the album Electrocution (2008).

Strike or be stricken
The masses are cold and aging
We must escape through numbness
The time of the predator has come
The dust will never settle
Those who remain loyal to snakes
Shall be the first to taste venom
Ground is scorched-denial is forged
Let this be the final act of arson
The dust will never settle
In the search for solitude and silence
The righteous will answer to the cynic
I dare not hold my fucking tongue
Alien in nature and strength of the mystick
Forbid or be forbidden
There is honor in every crime
Just don't search for meaning
When the end result is blinding ash

Music by:

Darren Verni / Jay Newman / Ryan Lipynsky

Lyrics by:

Darren Verni