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Religious Slaves

This song is by Unearthly Trance and appears on the album Electrocution (2008).

Infrastructure crumbling for the deceiver
Cowards leaping to their deaths
Mother earth mercilessly heaving
Your sacred monarchs into the depths
It could be said that radiation will reign
Dreadful destruction by design
Surrender to the slow execution
Inoculation then electrocution
Pull the blessed switch
Do you yearn for burnt flesh?
Because the vampires know no boundaries
And their blood-thirst is fresh
It could be said that it's alia swindle
Euthanized and ready to dwindle
You're living in distortion
Religious slaves of distortion
The Hypnotism of skeletons
Lie in the ditch you're digging
Perhaps you will realize
When the skyline is blazing
Let this be the great fall
Vengeance will be so sweet
And dare not ignore the call
Astral projection into the retreat

Music by:

Ryan Lipynsky

Lyrics by:

Ryan Lipynsky

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