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God Is a Beast

This song is by Unearthly Trance and appears on the album Electrocution (2008).

There are no winners this year
Choking on values and fears
Gyroscope smash to pieces
Stalled locomotives
The sky demon invoked
Vines dangling like whores
Yet the flames grow
The 80's nuclear sell
Folding and folding
All drop like flies
All cower like mice
Infected and inflicting
Falling for the plague
Man will always turn
Into the beast
That some feel is
Not in them
Yet god is a beast (l was)
The comatose
The overdoses
Like salt on the wounds
Cracks in the pavement
Sour faith
For the sake of sanity
Because its is all laid out
The deaths are looming
The bells are tolling
For you and your kind
Your god is a beast (as am I)

Music by:

Darren Verni / Jay Newman / Ryan Lipynsky

Lyrics by:

Ryan Lipynsky

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