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Distant Roads Overgrown

This song is by Unearthly Trance and appears on the album Electrocution (2008).

My head is filled with something alien
Yet it is calmer when I visit the vacuum
Excessive with psychic color enhancement
Thing cryptically making sense
Don't black out in to the hole
Time is ever so caustic
Go ahead and die with a drink in hand
Whatever it takes to get you to through the day
Just don't eat the lie of all lies
Just don't buy what the scum are selling you
I'm an outsider and a shadow
Clouds ate clouding the conditions
Can't you see it?
Or is this my reflex?
History of decades
Distant roads overgrown
Inside the work they knew
Secret anthology
Dismal massive debt
A nation in the red
Regal purple bruises
Blues in my fingertips
Drink away the new world
Drink away the fools' world
Broken down particles
Distorts the visuals
You've been had by the technology
Sharp as knives
Words stabs your eye
And the casket is descending
You're running late
And there is no need to stop

Music by:

Ryan Lipynsky

Lyrics by:

Ryan Lipynsky