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Double Wide (2000)Edit

Uncle Kracker - Double Wide
Double Wide
  1. Intro
  2. Better Days
  3. What 'Chu Lookin' At?
  4. Follow Me
  5. Heaven (featuring Paradime and Kid Rock)
  6. Steaks 'N Shrimp
  7. Who's Your Uncle?
  8. Whiskey & Water
  9. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
  10. Aces & 8's
  11. You Can't Take Me

No Stranger to Shame (2002)Edit

Uncle Kracker - No Stranger To Shame
No Stranger To Shame
  1. Keep It Comin'
  2. Thunderhead Hawkins
  3. In a Little While
  4. I Wish I Had a Dollar
  5. Drift Away (featuring Dobie Gray)
  6. Baby Don't Cry
  7. I Do
  8. Memphis Soul Song
  9. I Don't Know
  10. To Think I Used to Love You
  11. Letter to My Daughters
  12. No Stranger to Shame

Seventy Two & Sunny (2004)Edit

Uncle Kracker - Seventy Two And Sunny
Seventy Two & Sunny
  1. This Time
  2. Rescue
  3. Further Down the Road
  4. Don't Know How (Not to Love You)
  5. What Do We Want?
  6. Writing It Down
  7. A Place at My Table
  8. Some Things You Can't Take Back
  9. Blues Man
  10. Songs About Me, Songs About You
  11. Please Come Home
  12. You're Not Free
  13. Last Night Again (with Kenny Chesney)

Happy Hour (2009)Edit

Uncle Kracker - Happy Hour
Happy Hour
  1. Smile
  2. Another Love Song
  3. My Girlfriend
  4. Livin' the Dream
  5. Corner Bar
  6. Me Again (featuring Jesse Lee)
  7. Good to Be Me (featuring Kid Rock)
  8. I Hate California
  9. Hot Mess
  10. Hey Hey Hey
  11. I'm Not Leaving
  12. Mainstreet
  13. Celebrate (Deluxe edition track)
  14. Josephine (Deluxe edition track)
  15. Let Me Love You (Deluxe edition track)
  16. Happy Hour (featuring Leo Sayer) (iTunes Pre-Order bonus track)

Midnight Special (2012)Edit

Uncle Kracker - Midnight Special
Midnight Special
  1. You Got That Thang
  2. I'd Be There
  3. Four Letter Word
  4. Blue Skies
  5. When I Close My Eyes
  6. In Between Disasters
  7. Happy
  8. Nobody's Sad On a Saturday Night
  9. Nuthin' Changes
  10. Who We Are
  11. It is What It is

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

  1. Freaks Come Out At Night from the soundtrack Scooby-Doo (2002)
  2. Split This Room In Half from the soundtrack American Pie 2 (2001)
  3. Time After Time from the soundtrack Clockstoppers (2002)

Songs Featuring Uncle KrackerEdit

  1. When the Sun Goes Down from the album When the Sun Goes Down (2004) by Kenny Chesney

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Aces & Eights
  2. After School Special
  3. Break U Off
  4. Detroit To Texas
  5. E.m.s.p.
  6. Flush It Away
  7. If I Don't Have You
  8. Krack Rocks
  9. My Hometown
  10. Steaks 'N Shrimp
  11. To Think I Used To Love You (Dj Homicide Remix)
  12. U Don't Know
  13. What Chu Lookin At?
  14. What U Lookin' At?
  15. Whiskey & Walter
  16. X-Factor
  17. You Get That Thang

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