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The Game

This song is by Uncle Deadly and appears on the album Monkey Do (2010).

It takes some courage
To put on that saddle
Get on that horseback
And just ride

Sometimes a rudder
Just makes it harder
If you got a boat, right
Just let it go

'Cause it's all in the game brother
It's all in the game
Won't you come out and play
If you're asking my advice that's
What I'd say

Leave your worries
And trust the current
Cause it was a sailor
In a previous life

And if you were a warrior
And not such a worrier
You'd grab your guns and
Get your heart in that trench

So is this real or a mirage
All I can say is: courage, mon brave

And sure life is sacred
But sometimes you need danger
You need to run with scissors
In your hands

And if you're pushing buttons
And pulling levers
To make things happen
Then they will

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