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Race War

This song is by Unaware and appears on the compilation Not So Quiet on the Western Front (1982).

Race war in the streets tonight
Race war not just black against white
Race war it's gonna come to a head
Race war leave a lot of people dead

Tonight it's coming down
The tension's too tight
It's gonna rip apart this town
The graffiti on the bathroom wall says more
Than you wanna believe
Sure change is slow but change is what we need
Right now!

This town's divided that's clear
The white's stay on one side
Everyone else is over there
How many Klansmen will it take to wake us up
Ask me that question after the
Race war stops!

Look at L.A. and San Jose
Any city you can name
Big or little, split down the middle
We can keep playing this same old game

Why is hatred the thing
That gives power to people
Who aren't even thinking
It's time to some attitudes
A step or two back
And realize there's no difference between
White and black!

A charade, that's all this country is
They talk about democracy
But they're run by big business
The Bill Of Rights is something
That has not been paid
And the check can only bounce if it remains
Race war!

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