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Capitel IV

This song is by Ulver and appears on the album Bergtatt - Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler (1995).

Hun vaagner paa Skyggefulde Stier
I Skogens dybe grønne Kammer
Da hvidsker een Stemme paanye
Bag rankedæckede Stammer

"Kom, om du vil! Kom i Mørcket!
Mit sorte Øie skald vinde dig!
Mit bløde Haar skald binde dig!"
(Saa dragende, sugende Ord...)

"O søde Røst, hvi væcker du
Min hemmelige Smerte nu
I disse stille Lunde?"

"Tøs, hvad venter du her at vinde?
Følg mig i Dalen need...
Hvorledes kand du faae aff Minde
Voor Lycke, voor Hiemmefred?"

"Eg forstaar ikkje - eg er saa rar...
...Si maa eg - maa eg?"

English Translation:

She wakes on shadowed trails
In the forest's deep green chambers
Then a voice whispers anew
Behind leafhidden trees

The voice:
"Come, if you want! Come into the dark!
Mine black eyes shall find you!
My soft hair will tie you!"
(Said sucking, enchanting words)

The girl:
"O sweet voice, why do thee wake
My seceret sorrow now
In this silent mound?"

The voice:
"Girl, what do you expected to find here?
Follow me down this hill...
Where else can you find the memory
Of happineness, of home?"

The girl:
"I don't understand – I feel so weird...
...tell me, do I have to? Do I have to?"

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