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We Stand Alone

This song is by Ultravox and appears on the album Rage in Eden (1981) and on the bonus tracks of the album Quartet (1982).

The words played on around our heads
Perhaps we went too far
We'll soldier on until the end again

This clutching hand around my hand
So pitiful and frail
Makes bleeding hearts begin to beat again

We stand in a different light
That's cast upon this gigolo and gigolette
We stand with a different frame around us now
But when we talk we talk in time
We shine with profiles so strong and so clear
And when we move we move in time
Won't fade like pictures that come back again

Your propaganda touched my soul
Those thin and cherished words
A willing victim for the kill again

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)


Written by:

Warren Cann, Chris Cross, Billy Currie, Midge Ure

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