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Ced-G, Tim-Dog

This song is by Ultramagnetic MC's and appears on the compilation album The Basement Tapes 1984-1990 (1994) by Thierry Cham.

Ah shit, well I'll be goddamned
The life that I live is not of mortal man
Pursuin' my righteous, hype just, might just get
Another chance to uphold my lightnin'

Peace, now at the least
I'll crush a motherfucker that gives me beef
I'm the hardcore master, one that has to
Cruise right past ya remain disaster

So step, what the fuck you got beef for?
You fuckin' with me for a kid on a see-saw
The man in hand that sass the clan the motherland
So what's your damn problem man?

Comprehend and then, if you still pretend
That your rhymes will win, I will fuck your girlfriend
Again and again and again and again
And when the pussy is sore, I will fuck her again

In the back door, in other words her black ass
I send her home for sex ed class
She ain't shit, she can't even fuck
She had the nerve to not even suck

My dick, yeah, she's gotta be sick
I threw her out my house real quick
I'm a bitch molester, an Uncle Fester
The one to luster, caress and test-a
So I suggest-a, when you address
To grab a titty palm her ass, 'cause I done left her

Forget her 'cause Tim Dog is large
Dog's a motherfuckin' Benz garage
I'm a Porsche Audi, like John Gotti
I like to party but what's up with the body

I'm a sex fiend, won't jerk off or masturbate
As long as pussy I hear, I'm straight
I'ma fuck and fuck, and fuck and fuck
Then fuck and fuck, then I fuck and fuck

Then I fuck and fuck, then I fuck and fuck
And what I'm doin' after that? I'ma still fuck
So Ced G, you know you're next in line
Yo, take the mic and bust a dope-ass rhyme

One, two, one, two, one more goes like this
False alarm, you ain't seen no smoke
The smoke you're seein', is there 'cause I broke
Down the rhyme a vicious kind to feed your mind
The warnin' sign, and then recline

Down, and rhyme when the pace kicks
Above a hundred, yo, I gotta get
A mic and get hyper 'cause I can recite the
Lyrics to flip the crowd just like Pied Pipers

Music, I won't abuse it, nor misuse it
Just add some flavor to it, yo and prove it
Just like that new car, with mileage it go far
You'll see the best Ced G, I'm an Ultra star

Galactic, Galactus, fantastic, brass trick, practice, yeah
You understand what I'm sayin'? Yo, bust it
I'll control, uphold the show
From beginnin' to intro, Ced G is like nitro-glyc'

And I will diss those who insist
On bustin' their weak rhymes, Ced G will just piss
My urine right on you, strut then transform you
Hold you and mold you, rip you and fold you

Duck, so what the fuck? You outta luck
You rhyme like a Jetta while I rhyme like a Mack truck
Rollin' hard with eighteen wheels and all
With the mic, so I must call

Myself a leader, a whack rap deleter
The feeder who needs the crowd to proceed the
Whole 9 yards as well as the distance
I'm Ced G, and I represent

All who want the call, leave their boy in awe
Who wants to be adored, Tim Dog, my mellow, my man
No, it's Jam Rock's turn
Jam, you ready Jam?


Written by:

Joe Vitale

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