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Right Here Right Now

This song is by Ultra and appears on the album The Sun Shines Brigher (2006).

Never knew I could lose my direction
Nothing ever seems black and white
(Don't you know it ain't that easy)
Every time that I see my reflection
I turn around and something ain't right

Now it's OK with me
These words you say could be
The only thing I need to find in my life
And now I'm breaking free
So won't you come with me
And help me spark this little flame into life

I'm on a road I just won't follow
I've been told the things we all know
It's not a place we're can be
Together in a race so let them free yeah
I can't believe no one ever told me
Places I go changes I see
Right here right now
On a roll gonna be someone

Is this a dream or illusion
'Cause nothing seems the same in the light
(Don't you know you should never look twice)
I need to ease the confusion
It's so ironic but it feels right

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