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The Coming Of Genocide

This song is by Ulcerate and appears on the album Of Fracture And Failure (2007).

A race cloned of fear
Followers of the sun's dying blaze
Entering a broken future
Burning in the contemptuous dominion

Severed wings of the dove of peace
Black it's heart - crushed in my grasp

Declarations of an ancient war
Apocalyptic quest for domination
Invoking the fall of a culture

Defiled by the contrived laws of those blind
Wielding rebellious powers
Spilling blood of the Elysian upon a razed Eden
Ashes of dogma are swept away in winds of oblivion
As masses asphyxiate from inhalation of truth

Uncaged I gorge the flesh of lambs

Enlightened by impurity
Disgraced is their seed
The ignorant shall suffer

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