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Yesterday's Folks

This song is by US 69.

I can remember when your daddy used to be a preacher
He used to set you on his knee and tell you things
But now years've gone by and your daddy can hardly reach you
Ever since the first time that you heard your birdy song
Your mama's worried 'bout your family's reputation
You live on top of the hill and you got a good name
Your mama don't understand that you come from a generation
That's gettin' sick 'n tired of that silly social game
Can't tell the woman nothin' cause her mind don't think the same
Soon you'll be old enough to move out on your own
Then you can have the chance to see who you really are
It's awfully sad that your mama and your papa are so alone
But they can't help themselves they haven't traveled very far
Maybe someday they'll get there but it ain't gonna be by car
I got lots of good friends, people who wanna help you
Let me introduce you to my friends
People with good vibrations ain't no hesitations
They have found the secret to a love that never ends
Matter o' fact it's just the beginning
Take a look around you, you can see it in the air
And all the old folks of yesterday wonder why we're grinning
They're all hung up on things like war n' phony hair
You'd better leave them behind you cause those people don't really care

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