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Miss Goodbody

This song is by US 69.

Miss Goodbody- now looky here
I don't wanna criticize you
But you got a lot of fear
You got your nose up in the air
If you wanna make it that ain't gonna get you anywhere
I think you better take the time to try and find
The light inside your mind and turn it on
Hey now listen Miss Goodbody with your dress so high
Just because you're groovy lookin'
Don't mean you can satisfy
I can see right through your eyes
I don't believe you have ever really seen the skies
So I think I'll take the time to blow your mind
And see what I can find
(If anytime)
La la la la la-a miss
La la la la la-a miss
Goodbody now follow me
Let me take you to the places that you really ought to see
We could have a whole lotta fun
Ain't no need to be afraid I ain't gonna hurt you none
I'm just tryin' to find a kind of mind
That likes to have a good time

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