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I Hear You Talkin'

This song is by US 69.

I hear you talkin' 'bout lovin'
But you don't know what lovin' means
I hear you talkin' 'bout the good times
But how many good times have you seen
You say you've been around
But you ain't been off the ground
I can tell by the sound of your voice
That you're living in a dream

I hear you talkin' 'bout livin'
How can ya live if ya ain't been born
I hear you talkin' 'bout givin'
But how can ya give what you don't own
You say you understand all the feelings of a man
Let me take you by the hand
'N let me show you all the good that I can

I can show you something
I know you've been looking for
You need to fill the emptiness
So open up your door a little bit more
When you talk about lovin'
You should know what lovin' means
When you talk about the good times
Better be sure it ain't just a dream
You know you're lonely girl
Living in a lonely world
You've been sleeping much too long
Let me wake you up and take off your disguise
Open up your eyes

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