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Mr Sweet Talker

This song is by USCB Allstars and appears on the album Class Brutáls (2001).

Mr Sweet talker, hoodlum in a monkey suit
You got to know, I'm coming for you
If I get the chance, I'll grab it with both hands
It ain't over, I'm still coming for you
If a push comes to a shove what will you do?

You let the hoodlum fool you,
Taking your pride away
Whenever he comes to do you
Still waiting for that day

What would you do?

Woman heed my warning
Heed my warning and take good care, yeah
Whenever you let yourself go,
You know he will follow
Don't let him get to you you, no

Hoodlum in a monkey suit
Dibby hoodlum in a monkey suit, hey

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