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This song is by USCB Allstars and appears on the album Class Brutáls (2001).

Death were ready, yeah on the go
The clique was steady, ready to blow
The place was packed that night
The outcome would be bloody
And what they left that night were
A hole right through his body

Yeah you know, don't tell me your sorrow
Yeah you know, it's not that I don't care
Yeah you know, sort it out tomorrow
Yeah you know, they're only kids I swear

Now they know, hard times a' comin'
So hit the streets, and started running
Fingers pointing the direction to be taken
Skip not a single word, their morals not forsaken

So here's a lesson that you will learn
You need a blessin', for you will burn
When heartache leads the way
Then you'll be sure to follow
And it will hurt 'cause pride is so
Damn hard to swallow, come on

If you get caught, you're on your own
You have fought, some other guy down
And there's no use to lie, his blood on your hands
Just bow your head, do what the officer demands, yeah

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