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Bad Idea

This song is by USCB Allstars and appears on the album Class Brutáls (2001).

Stand up straight, Button your shirt
Wipe your mouth, Take it as a man
When we were young we didn't drive to school
- We ran

And we got up about 4am
To milk the cows in the snow and the rain
I've never cried a day in my life I'm pro-pain

What you want to be when you grow up boy?
You want to be like me?
Please don't answer yeah, It's not a good idea
What you want to be when you grow up girl?
You want to be like her?
Please don't answer no, 'Cause she's not of this world

Your mom and I, The car and the house
Your kid sister the things that we've got
You think it's cool but I promise you son
- It's not

I met your mom when I was only a teen
And back then she was nice and lean
Easy on the eyes, Now she's hard on the hooch like me
So tell me baby

So listen up, Sit your ass down
You hear me? Keep you eyes peeled
The mysteries of life is about to be revealed
First of all, The thing about love,
As far as I'm concerned it doesn't exist
And incarceration is just a fancy word for kids
So tell me baby

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