Unkle:War Stories (2007)

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Album by Unkle.
  1. Intro
  2. Chemistry
  3. Hold My Hand
  4. Restless (featuring Josh Homme)
  5. Keys to the Kingdom (featuring Gavin Clark)
  6. Price You Pay
  7. Burn My Shadow (featuring Ian Astbury)
  8. Mayday (featuring The Duke Spirit)
  9. Persons & Machinery (featuring Autolux)
  10. Twilight (featuring 3D)
  11. Morning Rage
  12. Lawless
  13. Broken (featuring Gavin Clark)
  14. When Things Explode (featuring Ian Astbury)
  15. Buying a Lie (featuring Lee Gorton)
  16. Mistress (featuring Alice Temple)
  17. Tired of Sleeping
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