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Album by UNKLE.
  1. Back and Forth
  2. Eye for an Eye
  3. In a State(featuring Graham Gouldman)
  4. Safe in Mind (Please Get This Gun from Out of My Face) (featuring Josh Homme)
  5. I Need Something Stronger (featuring Brian Eno and Jarvis Cocker)
  6. What Are You to Me? (featuring Joel Cadbury)
  7. Panic Attack
  8. Invasion (featuring 3D)
  9. Reign (featuring Ian Brown and Mani)
  10. Glow (featuring Joel Cadbury)
  11. Inside (featuring Grant Nicholas)
  12. Awake the Unkind (Japan Bonus Track)
  13. Eye for an Eye Backwards (Josh Homme and Alain Johannes Remix) (Revisited Bonus Track)
  14. Safe in Mind (Please Get This Gun from Out of My Face) (Chris Goss Remix) (Revisited Bonus Track)
Never, Never, Land Revisited: Inside Out Bonus Tracks
    1. Blackout
    2. Tracier
    3. Panic Attack (Ape Sounds Remix)
    4. Reign (Anagram - Psychonauts Remix)
    5. In a State (DFA Remix)
    6. Invasion (Medway vs. Eva Coast to Coast Remix)
    7. Have You Passed Through This Night? (Remix of "Eye for an Eye")
    8. Glow (Hybrid Remix)
    9. In a State (Sasha Remix)
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