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Caesar's Palace Blues

This song is by U.K. and appears on the album Danger Money (1979).

Creamed-up kitten screaming for her next injection
Dead dog in the driveway – protein for infection
The most exclusive restaurants got a few uninvited diners
Don't worry if you're under-age – they've special schemes for minors

Caesar's Palace Blues, Caesar's Palace Blues

I lost my shirt on my last hand, I nearly sold my shoes
I came up trumps last weekend so I've got to pay my dues
Cards fall, faces change, cat's cunning shows
Same rules still apply, either way you lose

Lovers on the carpet, Cupid's dream for certain
But there's always someone hiding right behind the hotel curtain
Concealed cameras in casinos and bugs under your bed
But all the gold in Vegas couldn't bring Caesar back from dead

Caesar's Palace Blues, Caesar's Palace Blues
Caesar's Palace Blues, Caesar's Palace Blues


Written and arranged by Eddie Jobson and John Wetton.

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