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White Liars

This song is by Typhoon and appears on the album Hunger And Thirst (2010).

I know what I said
I wouldn't hurt anyone
Not with my hands
I wouldn't hurt anyone

I know what I said
I want to make peace and be one
But I've got this taste in my mouth
From yesterday's bleeding tongue

There's a violence in everyone
Oh you civilized barbarian

Anything I love
And someone comes in between
And I can't get out of my head
And I, I let it get to me

You're quoting yourself to me
In some un-recounted dream
And each time I think you're saying
That "one way or the other,
We all fight something"

I know what I've said
Go on and say it again
I'd never hurt you
I wouldn't hurt anyone

But there's a liar in everyone
Or am I the only one

There's a violence in everyone
Oh I am civilized as anyone

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