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The Lake

This song is by Typhoon and appears on the album White Lighter (2013).

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I know this day in the summertime
My uncle's lake on the fourth of July
I saw the cabin, my sister tried
To call like a loon with her hands kept tight

Up against her mouth
As the fireflies became visible in the failing summer light
A sparkler in my hand
I went after them as they went out into the night

I cornered them to a quiet place
Where the grass grew tall as it met the lake
It was a different bug, must have bit my leg
Though I never saw him

Back at home I cry in my room
My closest friend, the one that I confided to
I wanted her, but she wanted you
I was sick in bed, I could barely move

And then as my body turned against itself
I prayed for death that I come back to be anyone else
Be anyone else
Be anyone else

As the sickness formed within my cells
You never love me like the way you love anyone else
You dig a hole, dig it deep enough
The truth buries itself, it buries itself

And I, I disowned my
Own family
Oh, for love
Oh, for love

I was ashamed of my sister because
She lied to me when I wasn't good enough

Sorry, sorry
You were the only thing I should have ever loved
Sorry, sorry


Written by:

Kyle Morton

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