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Sea Shanty II

This song is by Typhoon and appears on the album Dearborn Sessions (2007).

There's no hope for me
I was lost out at sea
Far from my home, from my own country

And our ship, rest her soul
She could bear us no more ways
Ravaged by long winter, cold waves

I was blind in the night
And the water she rose
Sparing my mind down in sorrows

And I thought as I wept
I was seeing your ghost
Dressed in your white dress and calling me home

Oh my love, my wife
I will be by your side now
Bringing you home in this dark hour

There's a light, you will find
It's not too far from here
Dressed for your way ahead, the light is clear

So I prayed to my lord
As I jumped overboard
To my surprise oh the water was warm

And I sank beneath
To the deeps of the sea
Pressed from this world for my darling, for me

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