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Post Script

This song is by Typhoon and appears on the album White Lighter (2013).

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I would never leave you broken hearted
You'll never be alone nor made to feel discarded
As long as I'm alive I'll finish what I started

Years'll go on your pretty face'll grow strong and hardened
We'll own a small patch of land outside of the town we'll grow a garden
And after I've departed you will never know if your love was unconditional

I tried growing up and I found it's more appealing
I start hurting myself and turn my hands out where you can see me
And I know that it is nothing
That you don't have to love me

Unconditionally, mmm
It won't be necessary, mmm
To love me unconditionally, mmm
It won't be necessary, mmm
To love me unconditionally


Written by:

Kyle Morton

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