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Morton's Fork

This song is by Typhoon and appears on the album White Lighter (2013).

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I told you, Ma "I'll keep you safe
When the sun will expand to consume our house in flames."

I thought we lived forever
A simple obstacle in the way

Let it go
Let it go
Let it go

Turns out that we are shit out of luck
There are things in the woods
That will prey on the things that you love

And they'll come through the fold
This is the sound of the wild pack of hungry wolves
I won't lie to you
It'll be painful
It's in your nature to fear what is natural

And the sun will explode (I'll keep you safe)
And not before you and everyone that you'll ever known
Will be gone long ago
We are alone in this together
Are alone in this together

I haven't slept in several nights and I'm not tired
Who protects the ones I love when I'm asleep
Though there's little I can do, I say a prayer
That when the wolves come for their share, they'll come for me

Ah hoo
Ah hoo


Written by:

Kyle Morton

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