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Dreams Of Cannibalism

This song is by Typhoon and appears on the album White Lighter (2013).

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Unhand me I am not a criminal
But I've played a guilty part
In the modern sense that one pretends
That love is original

I wrote a book and I will call it something cynical
The story is slow, the hero does not change
And if he can then he won't anyway
Instead his foes and lovers all become identical

I fled the country
I thought I'd leave this behind, oh
But I built the same damn house
On every acre I could find, oh

And I tried to fake my own death
Just shake the devils from my mind

And I said
Unhand me, I am not a criminal
And if I am, I paid the man just let me go
Soon enough you will be dancing at my funeral


Written by:

Kyle Morton

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