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Artificial Light

This song is by Typhoon and appears on the album White Lighter (2013).

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In the beginning there was one source of light
It would die and come back every night
As a woman showing off her thighs
Just a little bit at a time

In the beginning
Everyone bowed their heads towards the light
They would dance and eat their friends alive
We were not happy then
These were simpler times

Now we are played
We're the moth, we're the flame
We were aware of the danger
We could not keep away
My eyes are open

In the beginning I was standing out in the yard
With my father pointing up at the stars
I asked, "Do you think there is life on Mars?
Is their life like ours?"

From here I see a light left on
In a house like mine and out in the lawn
There's a man like you and a smaller one
I looked in the mirror, I have seen myself

Oh, I know of how the universe, it shows itself
It's always getting bigger like you
I was told that I'd grow up to be myself
I thought I would get bigger too

Look what I have found, look what I have found
Look what I have found, look what I have found
An artificial light, we come and gather around

This is why we have lovers and why we have fighters
This is why the arms race and particle colliders
Mine is a humble flame, just a little white lighter

And it belongs to me
It belongs to me, yeah
It belongs to me

I woke up in the morning
To a pale light tangled in your hair
And I never wake before you
But this time I caught you sleeping there

Yes, you are my sunlight
You are my last breath of air
I would try to hold it
I would try to keep the moment
Like a photograph of the sunset
Like a little kid with a bug net
Like a dying man, I swear

You belong to me, you belong to me
If you belong to anyone then you belong to me
But I have no other place to keep you safe
But in my shaky, ever shaking melody

Light goes off
Comes back on
I'll be here
In my familiar haunts
Empty jar
Stolen song
Wait for the light
To come back on


Written by:

Kyle Morton

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