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The Unbearable Lightness

This song is by Tyler Lyle and appears on the album Inland Islands / Bad Things (& Collard Greens) (2010).

From this old balcony
I can see everything
The weight tears a hole in these carbon coverings
And I don't know what to do
With that remainder that I get from you
Your soul stretches farther than your skin

So hold me down

It was a magic show
When the world began
The water whispered to the clay
Now you and I are mysteries
Part human, part make-believe
There's a river reaching out of these bones

So hold me down
So hold me down

Now we fumble through the dark
Atoms of a beating heart
Unaware of the song we sing
Like sleeping gods inside a dream
Don't wake me

Ten thousand centuries
The world still welcomes the sun's reprieves
So you can take your time with me

Hold me down
Hold me down
Or else I'll float away


Music by:

Tyler Lyle

Lyrics by:

Tyler Lyle

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