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On Parry Sound

This song is by Tyler Lyle and appears on the album Inland Islands / Bad Things (& Collard Greens) (2010).

Upstairs is your neighbor
Do us a favor
Ask him to take off
His heavy shoes
When no reply came
We sang a refrain
That God, who made beauty
Made ugly, too

I'm trying to seduce you
If you want the whole truth
Every line I write
Is meant for you
Though it's pathetic
I, I don't regret it
That God, who made wisdom
Also made us fools

So I asked the meaning
Of the sunset
A dead poet answered
"You can't fight fate"
Went to the Garden
To ask Adam
And God interrupted
"Yes, yes you may"

I said to the void
"Well, who are you?"
And I heard my echo
"Well, who are you?"
Though it's pathetic
Now I understand it
The world is a question
"Well, who are you?"

I am my father's son
Two islands bridged by water
My heart's a burning sun
I'll give it to my daughter

Now we must start
With shovels at dark
And they told the graphic map
Of the heart
The truth was a lie
That our parents sold us
But we've got to find the words
On our own

If we're only atoms
Matter and gravity
Why do you make your case
With such poetry
Now I heard King Midas
Is throwing a party
I'd like to meet him
Doubt I'll shake his hand

Then there's the dead theologians
With their flowcharts
That don't know the first thing
About your beating heart
Limits of knowledge
Some logicians started
But I've seen the sunset
On Parry Sound

I am my mother's son
Two parts bourbon and one part water
The spirit and the blood
Can't have one without the other

Oh where is your neighbor
Do us a favor
We miss the sound of
His heavy shoes
When no reply came
We sang a refrain
That God, who made ugly
Made beauty, too


Music by:

Tyler Lyle

Lyrics by:

Tyler Lyle

Produced by:

Paul Reeves

Mastered by:

Yes Master

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