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A Secret (About Secrets)

This song is by Tyler Lyle and appears on the album Notes from the Parade (2009).

The preacher says the secret's to repent
And the landlord says the secret is to pay your rent
And the TV says the secret is to spend
Your money

And the lovers say the secret is to lose
And the jury says the secret is to tell the truth
And the singer says the secret is to sing the blues
With an honest heart
You know I'd take an honest heart

And the boxer says the secret is to fight
Throw each and every punch like it's the last one of your life
And when you get hit feel it like
The pain is going to save you

And the fisherman says the secret is to wait
He says it's the size of the fish, not the time that it takes
And he don't know the depths that I would shake
To catch an honest heart
Just let me meet an honest heart

I'm just a blind man taking pictures in the dark
Trying to open up my arms
And I'll put my pictures on the wall for you to see
But you're blind like me

The investors say it's all about returns
But the amputee on Peachtree says you are not what you earn
And the holy sun sets fire to the sky
And I watch it burn
Like there's something to learn

And the plowman says the secret is to yield
He says "you're going to break your back planting your soul in that field
And the rain is going to come, or it won't
But that is not up to us
No, son, that is just
How it is"

You're just an angel with an apple in your hands
Trying to find a place to land
Up all night fighting fires that are raging in your heart
God knows where they started
I don't know if the secret can be told
I think maybe we are just the things that we can hold
And we are so concerned with how the story's going to end
What if we closed the book
Walked away and decided to begin

I'm just a blind man taking pictures in the dark
And I don't understand this heart
But you and me we'll cut the rope and steal this ship by feel
Full speed ahead with orders sealed


Music by:

Tyler Lyle

Lyrics by:

Tyler Lyle

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