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Make A Stand

This song is by Tygers Of Pan Tang and appears on the album Crazy Nights (1981).

So you think you can mess me around
But I'm not going to stand for that, the things you say
Don't make any sense at all
Have to take it, not leave it

When the need arises, make a stand
Not going to fall without a fight
When the need arises, make a stand
You got the right

What I think don't seem to have effect
Deal the cards from now on, look at my watch
Ticking my life away
Much too precious to spoil

I have caught you out so many times
But it doesn't change a thing
Still you cheat and try to criticize
It's so disillusioning

Yeah make a stand, stand up, stand up, make a stand
You gotta make a stand, stand up and make a stand

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