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​Down And Out

This song is by Tygers Of Pan Tang and appears on the album Crazy Nights (1981).

Hey, mercy, please, on my knees, can you come around now?
Don't delay, can you stay? Got things to talk about
My love's all gone, I've been wronged, can you help me?
As a friend, you always said, I'd meet a bad end

Oh, baby, I'm down and out again
I'm so down, down, down and out

Saw an unaccompanied girl, such a girl as I've known before
I took a risk, come to this, ain't got no more love
So anytime, I can't find my peace of mind
Who can I blame, I'm ashamed, nothing to my name

I wanna see, I wanna feel some security
Must make a start, change my part, in history
You know the score, told me so, but we make mistakes
I was paid for the ways that I carried on...