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Desert Of No Love

This song is by Tygers Of Pan Tang and appears on the album The Wreck-Age (1985).

Lost where none can find me
Burning bridges remind me
What a fool I have been
There's no illusion, in the light of day
So tomorrow has finally come
I look for the clues
But every trace has gone
You have left me

Dying in the desert
Dying in the desert of no love
Dying in the desert
Dying desert of no love

There are dangers, in talking to strangers
In the heat of the night
You tell your secrets and your soul is lost
I followed you into the night
But come the dawn
You were nowhere in sight

All alone I face the sunrise
I know not what my fate will be
All too late, now I am wise
To this spell you cast on me
That led me to the desert of no love

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