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Captain Insano

This song is by Two-9 and appears on the mixtape B4FRVR (2015).

See ten tons of animal fury leap from the screen

New to labels, wipe my dick on her navel
She appreciate my fortune, she pour liquor for the fallen
Automatic machines, I'm in a parker all morning
Mastermind, scared of white folks
I ain't demonic, just designer
When she suck my dick, she always tell me time her
I mean traffickin' my end, I want a xan
But liquor makes me happy, I'm a mothafuckin' monster
Kill kill, burn burn, until they stop 'em
They always kill a giant, The Big Show

Metropolis fight to survive flamin' holocaust
See helpless beauty in a brace of 36ft monster

"Hey, I'm not lyin', bro
Bro, when I told (Beep), I say you tryna' go with me?
She was like, yeah
But I'm tellin' you, right away, I literally walked the fuck away from her
I seen ass, I seen titties
I'm like, 'Whoa, you ain't got no ass, you ain't got no titties'
I need mo' than that [?]
I'm goin' home with ass and titties, bro
I'm tellin' you right now, bro, I got head for 2 hours
My auntie sleep, my mama sleep, the fuckin' washer and dryer is runnin'
That's the only reason I got good head 'cause them bitches was loud
That bitch was loud"

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