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Bury Them All

This song is by Twiztid and appears on the album Independents Day (2007).

You motha fuckas want to set me up and kill me

Yallimean these mother fuckers seem to be about dreams
Having my cake and eatin' it
People seek weakness
Greet the beast and critiquein' it
Even family hand me calamity
Can I be sittin' with insanity
Tryin' ta damage me
Even niggas that work with me
Havin' fantasies of erasin' tha man in me

You blood suckin' mud fuckin' punk's chumps
Gay faggots maggots
Tryin' to get paid but really slippin' the weight
Dirty hairy ya call
Bloody murdin' y'all
Surry and fall necessary ta brawl
With bitch ass niggas in our past we bury them all

Wait... wait... wait

Because people be lookin' for son in my head
To see why I keep a gun up on the side of the bed
Now I'm watchin' out watchin' house
Because I'm paranoid
That every noise, is means for me to kill
Grab my millimeter, still
I'm a walkin' zombie
Fellin' I'm goin' insane
Losin' a little more than a little bit
My life thinkin' about killin' it

But reverse the gun
Curse the ones
Whose purpose is to hurt us
Now that you got nerve
It's perfect
You move to get the first

Stay (stay)
Awake (awake)
'Cause if you understand (survive)
The way for you to stay alive (alive)
Is keep far away from me
(Stay away from me
Nobody breaks from me)

'Cause I surely take (your life)
You can't hide from me (any where)
All of them I will bury
Bury them all

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