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Whatcha Gonna Do

This song is by Twista and appears on the compilation album Legit Ballin' (1999).

Whatcha gonna do when we come for you
It's a stick up put ya hands up
Tell me whatcha gonna do when we come for you
It's a stick up put ya hands up
(In background up above ^)
Oh man don't shoot me man oh man
Man my daddy left me this shit man
Oh man please don't kill me man
Why you all wanna do this to me man why man

(Bennie Franks)
I need these dubs for my Chevy Caprice whodi
Is that in the Y2K now how my shorty gonna eat whodi
What the fuck a nigga supposed to do
When you flashing money cash hoes in one of the chosen few
Now how the fuck I'm supposed to see when all the lights go out
And how the fuck I'm supposed to sleep when all the hypes come out
Shut the fuck up and drive you asking too many questions
Now have you ever taste a barrel of a 3-5-7 nigga (nah)

What the fuck you trying to hide hold on roll up ya sleeve
Dam (that's my watch) presidential Roley with about 400 g's (ah man)
What the fuck you got a heart disease (nah)
Let me see that (my daddy let get chain)
Damn I ain't know ice coming easy playboy I got to hide that
Take it off (take my shit man take it) take it off what else you hiding
(Ah) 6 TV's custom interior riding huh (come on man)
How many birds ya had to flip to get this here
Matter of fact when you were on fall's magazine Baller of The Year (ah)
You got the shorties on the block while ya balling outta control

(Phone rings) no don't (oh shit man)
Get that that might be one of your hoes
Hello (hello)
Hello (hello)
Hey you all right man why you gotta call or something (what's up)
You know I been sitting down here waiting on you
I got these exotic birds what you gonna do man

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