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EPs and SinglesEdit

Vampires With Dreaming Kids (2008)Edit

Twin Sister - Vampires With Dreaming Kids
Vampires With Dreaming Kids
  1. Dry Hump
  2. Ginger
  3. Nectarine
  4. I Want A House

Color Your Life (2010)Edit

Twin Sister - Color Your Life
Color Your Life
  1. The Other Side Of Your Face
  2. Lady Daydream
  3. Milk & Honey
  4. All Around & Away We Go
  5. Galaxy Plateau
  6. Phenomenons

All Around & Away We Go (2010)Edit

Twin Sister - All Around & Away We Go
All Around & Away We Go
  1. All Around & Away We Go
  2. White Bread

Bad Street (2011)Edit

Twin Sister - Bad Street
Bad Street

Side A

  1. Bad Street

Side B

  1. In Heaven
  2. You Remind Me Of

Gene Ciampi (2011)Edit

Twin Sister - Gene Ciampi
Gene Ciampi
  1. Gene Ciampi

In Heaven (2011)Edit

Twin Sister - In Heaven
In Heaven
  1. Daniel
  2. Stop
  3. Bad Street
  4. Space Babe
  5. Kimmi In A Rice Field
  6. Luna's Theme
  7. Spain
  8. Gene Ciampi
  9. Saturday Sunday
  10. Eastern Green

Other SongsEdit

  1. Gene Campi

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