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This song is by Twenty2 and appears on the album The Dudes Of Hazzard (2003).

No destination in my mind
Emotions felt now there's no time
I gotta let it fade away before I start my day
I must've had dreams about you
'Cause I want to break things in this room
I grab onto my stereo
But then I let it go

I slipped away years ago
And now I navigate unknown
So I gotta let it go
I never meant to be so mean
But words are never what they seem
So I gotta let it go

This morning anger never fails
It's like a secret I can't tell
Like an addiction of my own
It grinds right to the bone
And every morning feels the same
I open up my eyes in pain
I want to break the stereo
But then I let it go

My anger never slips away
I gotta let it go

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