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Sleep Talking

This song is by Twenty2 and appears on the album The Dudes Of Hazzard (2003).

It's 4am
I can't find sleep
But anger sure found me
I'm reaching in too deep
No wonder I can't see at all
& now it's time to run away from thoughts I'd rather not have
Today was a brand new day
Tomorrow's here to stay now
It's here to stay

I'm gonna close my eyes
I'm gonna close my mind
'Cause when you're not here I can't find no peace at all

I'm sorry if I can't forgive
I'm sorry if I can't forget
It's only once I live & maybe half of it is left
& every night I think about how we wasted our lives
Just because we never tried
'Cause we always lie
We always lie

Don't know when I could restart because I'm falling apart

You said I could trust you
You said I could love you
Now look at what I've become

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