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This song is by Twenty2 and appears on the album The Dudes Of Hazzard (2003).

Not a day goes by that I don't wish I tried a little harder everyday
I hope this doesn't sound cliché
You never know
Some times I wish I could let go
Most times I wish I never left
But did I always try my best?

& now I see there's nothing left for me
There's nothing left to say
I'm growing older everyday
& now I wish I never stayed away

Now I know I'll never let you down
Maybe it's time to let you know the reasons why I can't let go
No more regrets
These days I always try my best
(There goes time again)
I gotta prove it all once more today

Now the day goes by & I can't close my eyes
I get more pissed of everyday just thinking of all the things they say
A waste of time
So now I think I'll shut my mind
& now I think I'll leave this place
What if I never showed my face?

Then could I see just where I need to be & what I need to do
'Cause all I want's to be with you
& now I guess I wish I never knew

I never thought I'd say this
But I don't want to know

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