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This song is by Twenty2 and appears on the album The Dudes Of Hazzard (2003).

I'll never forget what you said to me the day I should have turned 18
It could never slip my mind
I was supposed to understand
I was supposed to be a man
You might have better luck next time
What if I relive my better years & spend my life in 2nd gear
Would it be a waste of time?
What if I decide to stay alive instead of watching grown ups die
Don't you think I'll be just fine

It never fails to amuse me
You take yourself so seriously
Does it piss you off when I go nuts?
In my head I'm still 17

What if I tried to be mature
Wouldn't you see I'm insecure?
Or would you be so blind?
I've been horny since I was born & I still watch way to much porn
It only proves I'm still alive

I want out
I'm not like you
I can't handle stress & responsibilities
I see so clear
I know one thing
I'm having fun & I don't think you are

Does it piss you off?
Do I piss you off when I say FUCK OFF?

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